Nvir Market NV 2.0, What Makes It Different?

1. Layer 2 "Stay Pending – Hybrid Decentralized System"

The “Hybrid Decentralized System”, which takes a step further from Layer 2 to improve gas costs and processing speed, dramatically reduces gas costs incurred by each transaction through a technology called “Stay Pending.” We will continue to develop with the goal of a marketplace without transaction fees (gas).

2. Optimized for minimal service fees and reduced gas fees that are cheaper than Opensea!

Starting with reduced service fees and gas costs, royalties for secondary sales, copyright selection sales, and social media functions are added in stages, providing an optimized NFT trading environment.

3. NFT Premium Auction Service < Nvir’s Pick >

Apart from the general market (secondary market) which trades freely, Nvir Market operates a premium service (first market) that presents rare and valuable NFT works of artists selected through thorough verification with a professional appraisal association. This will prevent controversies over copyright and authenticity, and provide appropriate services to users who desire high-value NFT works. Some auctions will only be open to NWX members, and additional benefits such as service fee reductions will be given.

4.Transaction System for Divided Ownership of High-Value NFT Works

By introducing a system that allows users to purchase and trade ownership in installments without price burdens for high-value NFT works, the barrier of entry to access expensive NFT works is lowered. Many collectors will now be able to own high-value NFTs and expect profits accordingly.

5. Social Media Features to Maximize Sharing and Communication

Artist Collections will function as social media channels, allowing users to follow and exchange messages. This will help create an autonomous NFT-based community.

6. NFT Donation Campaigns

There will be various NFT campaigns for important humanitarian and environmental causes. Users are welcome to freely participate or submit their opinions accordingly.