What is NvirWorld X-Club?

1. How many NWX will be issued?

A total of more than 20 billion combinations are possible, but there are only 10,000 NWXs in the collection. There are no two NWX combinations that are the same, and specific features and security measures have been set by a bot for fair and balanced distribution processes.

2. How can I get NWX?

a. Airdrop : Provided to 2,000 honorary members who contributed to the revitalization of the "NvirWorld" Project.
b. Pre-sale : 1,000 limited editions / 0.06 ETH at Nvir Market.
c. Public Sale : After pre-sale, 6,000 limited editions / 0.14 ETH sales at Nvir Market
d. Some quantities can be provided through participation in specific events or obtained through P2P transactions.

3. Is there a limit for the number of NWX purchases?

Yes, there is. The airdrop quantity does not affect the limited quantity, but duplicate participation is not permitted for pre-sale and public sales. Up to 3 NWXs can be generated/purchased per wallet.

4.Is there a fee for NWX P2P transactions?

Yes, The NWX collection has a 2.5% royalty fee for every resale. All profits from the fee are used for community activation, Donation as well as burning NVIR tokens. So far, NvirWorld has donated a total of 170 million won to the “Dokdo Organization” and ‘UNICEF”.

5. What Do I Need to Know About NWX Membership Benefits?

With the exception of NWX collections airdropped for free, all the profits made from the NWX collection sold at certain prices will be used for the user rewards who owns NWX collection, except for the partial transaction fees including minting fees. Also, personal customizing VR Gallery "N-ground", Private Auction service "Treasure Island" and many more exciting additional services are being prepared.

6. When will NWX Be Revealed?

When all 10,000 NWX are issued, they will be unveiled for the first time through "Nvir Market". Please check out the exact release date on NvirWorld’s official social media channels.